Grandmother Cornflake History

Grandmother Cornflake (GMCF) is a song writing and recording team consisting of Tony Brackett (bass guitar, guitar, mandolin), David Prago (vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica, dulcimer) and Fred Smith (guitar, keyboards) from Greensboro, NC.

GMCF has a wide variety of influences including REM, Tom Petty and The Beatles.   We pride ourselves on writing music with strong melodies and vocal harmonies with a mix of rock, pop, ballads and Americana.  GMCF recently signed with Concerthouse Music in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  We are proud to be affiliated with Concerthouse who will be releasing the single "I Need You" from our recently released CD "Songs From The Lake" in Australia!  "Songs From The Lake"  can be downloaded from iTunes and all the usual outlets.  GMCF was recently reviewed by Strutter magazine.  The following is an excerpt from that review:  "David is a great singer with his own identity and also musically the band delivers some great material that reminds one of late 70's/early 80's west coast and power pop.  Songs like Walking, I Need You, Something Beautiful and Calling Back To You are all really great tunes that mix west coast pop/rock with typical early 80's American power pop".

David, Tony and drummer Jack Quidley formed the band Mother Cornflake in the early 1990's. After playing with several guitarists for a couple of years, David invited his cover band partner Fred to join up. Fred eagerly agreed and his playing style was what the band was looking for to round out their sound. Mother Cornflake toured the east coast playing to packed houses as well as recording a full length album and an EP.

Unfortunately, the strains of various life challenges forced the group to disband in 1996.  David and Fred continued playing in their cover band for the following 10 years.

Prior to joining Mother Cornflake, Tony was a member of The Graphic, his wife Treva's popular Greensboro, NC band. The Graphic played shows all over the country including several at the famed CBGB. After his stint in Mother Cornflake, he continued playing shows with Treva and played on her highly successful album recorded in the late 1990's with their longtime friend Don Dixon and Mitch Easter handling the engineering and production duties.

Tony, David and Fred remained friends over the years and got the "bug" to write some music together again.  They were having so much fun, they decided to record the songs.

It seemed fitting to make Mother a Grandmother since we are all a little older, hopefully more mature and better songwriters!!

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